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Lockdown Ladies of Leisure 💅🏼

Well... it’s officially here... the dreaded NSW Full State Lockdown.

After watching Victorian Resorts suffer the wrath of 2020 with no Winter Season and then two lockdowns this 2021 Season, NSW the slippery sucker managed to keep their lifts turning and the riders kept the fire burning.

But alas, the residents of Jindabyne have finally succumb to the Spicy Cough and Mumma Gladys has laid down the law HARD!

Lifts have stopped turning. Guest Service workers can finally stop yelling at every Susan and Sally “FACEMASKS!” as they stumble through the Perisher hallway with skis awkwardly grasped in their hands and no face mask in sight. Beers at the Pub have stopped flowing.

So while everyone’s snuggled up at home giving their legs a much needed break. We at Tough Tits thought we’d reach out to a few Lockdown Legends and have a yarn.

First in the firing line is our better half Kiki, some may know her by her insta handle miss_call_me_daddy 🥵

So lockdown eh? Bit of a surprise or about bloody time?

Kiki: I think we all knew it had packed it’s bags for the trip down to the snow this season, but we stayed strong for awhile there.

So tell me is this your first lockdown? Or this ain’t your first rodeo?

Kiki: I’m popping my cherry on my first big official lockdown, can say I’ve managed to avoid it pretty successfully up until now but I’m ready for the ride!

Speaking of riding, what DO you do when you’re not in lockdown? Give us the 411

Kiki: When I’m not being forcibly trapped within 4 walls I’m up the mountain working as an instructor teaching the future shredders and then when I’m not working I’m throwing myself at as many rails as I can.

Rail Rat Daddy aye, you go girl! So how you planning on keeping rail fit/riding fit this week? Or is it a Netflix and chill kinda week ahead of ya?

Kiki: Definitely going to be going for as many skates, walks and yoga as I can but also will be living my best couch potato life and living my best life in my pajamas all day

What’s the FIRST thing you’re going to do when lockdowns lifted?

Kiki: First thing is probably just going to be to give all my mates a big ole cuddle and crack open a drink with them

Alright one for when everyone’s out, best spot for a beverage on the hill?

Kik: Might not be a pub but fave spot to crack open a backpack beer is the big set of rocks up near mount P triple, can’t beat those views on a bluebird day

And best hung over feed in Jindy for the morning after y’all are out?

Kik: If you have someone sober enough to drive the trip out to Rockits edibles is a game changer and somehow has managed to revive me every time.

What trick are you going to smash once you’re back on the slopes?

Kik: My board slides are almost down packed and I can’t wait to go get it perfect, then it’s time to add some spins on and off for some extra spice.

Advice for everyone in lockdown this week?

Kik: Biggest thing is to take care of your health, both mentally and physically. Make sure you are reaching out to your friends if you are feeling low and going to get some fresh air each day

And one last Q for ya Kiki, what gives you Tough Tits?

Kik: I got my tough tits from all the other rad ladies surrounding me. I’ve definitely learnt so much from them and I’m constantly in awe and inspired from their badassery!

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