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WHo are we?

Tough Tits in Mitts is for the girls, by the girls... scratch that, we’re for everyone. Brought to you by your average ski bum... one with tits.


We began as a project for the women behind the scenes and those on the front line of Australian snow seasons. An idea that popped into our mind at the end of the 2020 Winter Season after an incredible four months riding with some bad ass babes.

We’d pushed each other to new levels, we tried new tricks, we got into backcountry. There was an incredible movement of girls getting around girls. This needed to be shown, to be acknowledged, to be CELEBRATED so that other women could see what we were doing and join in the fun.


We progressed from a celebration of women to an avenue that will support chicks in all sports. In the '21 Aussie Winter (despite Covid being a pain in our butts) we held ride days, community events, life drawing sessions and pilates sessions. Creating a stronger community for women whilst also raising money for the National Breast Cancer foundation doing so.


Tough Tits is creating community for chicks, dudes, skiers, snowboarders… now skaters, surfers, mountain bike riders… that is all inclusive and supportive. We will support anyone that wants to better themselves, in their riding, in their mental health, in their ability to help others.


Whatever your goals may be, we’re here for ya!


Welcome to the Tough Tits Community.


Come slide and come ride with us….

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